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Whether you’re an expat English teacher looking to make more money without jeopardizing your teaching visa or a military spouse looking for ways to help support your family and struggling to find an on-post job, I’m here to teach you how to create income while living abroad.

Learn the Basics

Living abroad under work restrictions? There are still some grey areas. Here’s what you need to know.

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You can work for a foreign business while creating additional income in your home country online and never jeopardize your work visa or other life-work agreement with your country of residence.

I’ll show you how to do it.

Find work you enjoy.

The first step to creating your own work is deciding what you’re interested in and what you’d like to do. There are all kinds of remote online work opportunities! Find what’s right for you.

Get set up, baby entrepreneur.

Set up shop: Build a simple website, start a blog, and file the appropriate paperwork in your home country to work as a freelancer or business owner. Get good at what you do and then get to work.

Work on your own terms.

You’re in control. Work when you want to or when you can – as much or as little as you want. Take on as many or as few clients as you need. You’re the boss! Find the right balance for your lifestyle.


“I enjoyed working with Krissi as she is a candid yet compassionate person with meaningful insight into challenging situations. What I lacked from being too close to in the situation she was able to help me to see and understand from an unbiased perspective. Krissi gave me clarity where I felt stuck: she helped me to see that there were options and helped me to lay out a plan to bring my goals to fruition. She made what seemed at the time to be impractical, practical with more considerate thought and outside-the-box thinking. Krissi contributed to my confidence and success in business and personal relationships, and helped lay a foundation for me to make choices that continue to lead to positive results. I would highly recommend Krissi as a coach. She has a unique ability to empathize and understand a vast array of circumstances. Krissi is able to convey thoughts, ideas, and practical steps in an eloquent way to firmly point her clients to the path to their own personal success.”
Kara Sakelarakis

On the Blog

5 Things You Can Do to Support “Black Lives Matter” as an Expat

5 Things You Can Do to Support “Black Lives Matter” as an Expat

As an American expat living outside the US, I’ve felt so powerless and unable to support “Black Lives Matter” movements. I have agonized about what to do and how I can raise my voice and be an anti-racist and an ally for the #BLM movement. I want to be an advocate and I want to participate in an active way. Here are 5 things I’ve come up with to support “Black Lives Matter” as an expat living overseas.

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