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If you want to make a living online, it’s important that you’re constantly learning and improving your craft. One easy way to do this is to make sure you subscribe to company newsletters that will help you grow as an entrepreneur. Newsletters delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly are like a crash course in new tips and tricks. And best of all, they’re free.

There are so many company newsletters out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Here are 7 company newsletters I highly recommend to help you hone your digital craft. 


1. Hubspot

Hubspot is an industry leader in the world of digital marketing. Their blog is full of tips on writing for the web: Optimizing your content, finding clients, growing your social media following, improving your sales tactics, and more. The content is applicable to a wide variety of careers, whether you’re a virtual assistant or a freelance writer or something in between.  

Hubspot offers tons of free courses to business owners and entrepreneurs through their platform and they have some powerful paid tools, too. Check out their popular (and free) inbound marketing course for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the Hubspot newsletter is filled with the latest blog posts so you can keep a finger on the pulse of the digital world. They also periodically release studies and reports with comprehensive data analyses that discuss current and upcoming trends. Consider diving into these so you’ll know how and when to adjust your process. 


2. Yoast

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that scores the search engine optimization (SEO) levels of blog posts and web pages. Their newsletter is packed full of the latest news in search engine optimization – from how to adjust to new Google algorithm updates to tips and tricks for your WordPress website. 

In addition to their newsletter and blog content, Yoast offers some great courses to help you improve your SEO skills. If you're writing content for yourself or anyone else, having at least a basic understanding of SEO and how it works is important.

Even if you don't take their courses, this newsletter is a must-read. If you don’t, it’s worth subscribing for the SEO strategies alone. Yoast's content is incredibly informative.


3. Make a Living Writing by Carol Tice

Carol Tice is an award-winning freelance writer who’s been freelancing for over a decade. Her goal is to help writers of all skill levels advance in their careers and avoid the pitfalls that many freelancers face. 

Carol's online platform, The Freelance Writer's Den, is a paid membership community. Members have access to courses for writers, a job board with highly lucrative writing opportunities, and a supportive community of like-minded freelancers.

Whether you're part of the Den or not, it's worth subscribing to Carol's newsletter.  Every email is peppered with advice about starting out as a freelance writer, monetizing a blog, content strategy, productivity, finding reputable clients and agencies to work with, and more. Whether you’re looking to freelance full-time or just to dip your toes in as a side hustle, her words are priceless. 


4. Jocelyn K. Glei

Jocelyn is the mastermind behind the podcast Hurry Slowly, which focuses on creativity, resilience, and slowing down in a fast-paced world. She takes a radical approach to productivity in an era of burnout and constant stimulation, encouraging her readers and listeners to look at the world through a gentler lens. 

This newsletter is a breath of fresh air for professionals who are constantly bombarded with ways to do more better and faster. If you want to cultivate mindfulness in your career, this one’s for you. 


5. The Sunday Dispatches by Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is an author and designer who sends out a newsletter every Sunday to discuss the broader implications of our digital lives. His articles are thought-provoking and cover a wide range of subjects, from running an online business to dealing with your inner critic. 

These missives are less about actionable tips and more about starting a conversation around the way we live in the 21st century, but Paul is a brilliant writer with a lot of keen wisdom to share. It’s worth tuning in once a week to see what he has to say. 


6. Create + Cultivate

Create + Cultivate is a company that hosts a series of events across the United States dedicated to women working in creative industries. Their website is full of helpful articles about dealing with stress, growing your career, and finding inspiration in everyday life. 

Subscribe to their company newsletter and you'll get great articles delivered right to your inbox in addition to being granted access to the “classifieds” section of their website. The classifieds email is sent out weekly and can help you find remote work doing what you love. 


7. Jessica Stansberry

Jessica Stansberry is a go-getter mom who grew her seven-figure business from a small town in North Carolina, USA. She has an incredibly popular YouTube channel, an equally popular podcast, and creates a vast array of content for both seasoned and newbie lady entrepreneurs.

I love getting Jessica’s email newsletters because they’re generally packed with the “kick in the pants” I need to get going – especially on weeks when I just don’t feel like getting to work. (Sometimes you have to dig deep to get things done, even when it’s for your own business!)

Jessica offers some incredible courses and digital products (check out her digital planners if you’re into that sort of thing) and keeps her audience in-the-know about what’s happening in her business. I love Jessica’s mix of encouragement and butt-kicking.


BONUS: Creative Market

I call this one a bonus instead of truly counting it in this lineup because Creative Market doesn’t really offer any business help in its newsletters like my other recommendations do. But what it is good for is free stuff.

Creative Market sends out 2 newsletters every week: The first one, on Mondays, offers 6+ totally free products for you to download. It could be font files, vector image files, stock photos, or something else. That’s right – THEY’RE FREE! No one wants to pass up a deal like that.

You can use the freebie images for your blog or social media accounts (double-check the licensing to make sure that if you’re using the images to make money, you won’t run into any trouble). You can upload the fonts into Canva or Adobe Illustrator to use in your image designs. And you don’t have to pay for any of it!

The second newsletter sent out later in the week shares “trending goods” from the site that have been popular. These are paid, but they give you a good sense of what other types of designs and images are popular across the internet, so you can stay in line with what’s “hot” at the moment.

The free stuff is hit or miss – there are plenty of weeks when I just ignore the email entirely or don’t see anything that’s helpful to me – but it’s a great opportunity I make sure to check out from time to time.


The Moral of the Story: Subscribe to Company Newsletters

Starting the day with a cup of coffee and a good business-focused newsletter is the modern equivalent of reading the paper (but by all means, do that too!). Newsletters are an effortless way to stay on top of the latest industry news and pick up new skills along the way. When you open your inbox to the right newsletters every morning, you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn, grow, and gain.

Don't stop with my recommendations – find some of your own. I also subscribe to news-based newsletters so I can get a quick snapshot of what's happening around the globe. Like everyone else, I also subscribe to newsletters from some of my favorite retailers to make sure I'm getting in on the best deals when I'm ready to spend a little money.

But most importantly, I really cherish and devour my business-based email newsletters because I know I'm going to get something out of them. I hope you do, too.


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