Stop Playing Small: 3 Ways to Remind Yourself You're a Freelance Writer from

I was recently reading an email from an entrepreneur I follow—Jessica Stansberry. The whole email was about 4 things she did to shift her mindset and as a result, her business exploded.

The one thing in her email that literally stopped me in my tracks was that she quit thinking about her business as a “little” business.

And hold the phone, friend… That is EXACT-A-LY the thing I've needed to hear.

I've spent so much of my freelance writing business as “small” and “nothing to boast about” because it's still a side hustle for me. And for a while, sure, that was probably the right way to think about it.

And I realized in that moment, reading that email, that I still let myself feel like an imposter, all these years later. I felt like less of a “writer” because I spent all my time writing for other people rather than writing for myself—writing about what matters to me and about how I feel.

All of this made me think of you, gentle reader. Because maybe you're still thinking small and not ready to consider yourself an “entrepreneur” or a “business person.”

But you are!

The moment you launch your freelance writing website, you're a freelance writer.

The minute you hit “send” on that first pitch or apply for that first gig, you're a freelancer.

The first time you tell someone you're a freelance writer, you step into entrepreneurship and freelance writing.

And for every first, there is a moment when we think small and we feel like we're kidding ourselves.

I'm no stranger to this: I've got a ton of experience and lessons behind me, I'm still, you know… thinking small. I don't think about the fact that I know what I'm doing or that, because I'm thinking of myself “only” as a side hustler, I'm rising to that level in my work. 

I would be straight-up lying to you if I said I've got it all figured out, but I'm working on it. These are the steps I'm taking to upgrade my mindset and I challenge you to do the same.


1. When you talk about your freelancing work, omit the words “small” or “little” or phrases like “not a big deal.”

I still hold a full-time job, so the “side hustle” fact of my business remains. It might remain for you, too. But that's not what needs to change about how I think about my business.

I am thinking and talking about my business in ways that assume it's going to be – and that it already issuccessful. I'm running a side hustle, yes. But it's not “small.” It's a business and I'm remembering to treat it like it's thriving.

Whether you've been hired or are still looking for that first opportunity, don't fool yourself into believing you're just a “small” operation.


Stop Playing Small: 3 Ways to Remind Yourself You're a Freelance Writer from


2. Tell yourself in the mirror that your business is awesome and super-successful.

This sounds ridiculous but there is something so powerful about saying things to your own face. 😂

Trust me: You can write it down or say it aloud in your affirmations, but actually looking yourself in the eye in the mirror and saying it to yourself makes you believe it on a deeper level.

Here's the secret: If you feel stupid, you're doing it right. 😉

Don't know what to say to yourself? Try this: 

“My freelance writing business is not ‘small' or ‘not a big deal.' It's a big deal. I'm going to meet my goals and achieve my dreams because I work hard and I help people [fill in the blank here with what you do].”

I mean, have a real Ron Burgundy moment.


Stop Playing Small: Start Freelance Writing Now from

3. Start spending time with other entrepreneurs.

You don't need to follow or necessarily spend all your time with other women, but being part of a dynamic circle of other ladies who are running businesses and who get the ins and outs of business life will build you up more than I can say.

This is especially true when you spend time not just with other entrepreneurs but with other writers. Make freelancing friends, not enemies!

I've been lucky enough to work with some great women over the years and I still try to talk with them on the regular. I'm making new connections this week, too, reaching out more, and befriending a “competitor.” Because you know what? There's plenty of business to go around and we don't do or offer exactly the same things.

Make friends with other entrepreneurs and other writers! It will change your life and help boost your mindset.


So that's what I've got for you. Three simple ways to stop thinking “small” and upgrade your mindset surrounding your freelance writing business.

Give it a try for a few days. Hit me up to let me know how it's going – find me on LinkedIn or Instagram, or send me a message. I can't wait to hear from you.


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